Vacation in the hills, 1998.

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You have to find out if the repairs you made on the car were done properly. And how are you going to do that?
You take it to the ultimate test first. Driving into the mountains of Norway. What are you going to do when it's time to take your car to a MOT-test?We started our trip on the 29th. of July and drove through Sweden where we spend a night. The good thing about the bus is that the four of us can sleep in there, and as it was only for one night, we didn't bother using the tent. Very practical.Next day we moved on to Aurdal in Norway. Here we found a camping site in the valley. Aurdal Fjord Camping. It's worth mentioning.Two days after our arrival there was the Norway championship in hill racing. The 3 boys in our family were happy and the days flew by. The female of our family weren't quit as happy. But she did a lot of reading. The NC did show some VW beetles, they weren't doing to bad.When the hill racing took a brake we went to see the sights in Aurdal. Up hill and down hill.  The bus made it even though The little mom had her doubts. And in spite of Mathilde's 25 hp. we drove with the magnificent speed of 15 - 30 km. pr. hour.After a couple of days in Norway, we decided to head back to Sweden. There were something we had to check out. Again. The scrap yard in the woods. It is here all the old cars find there final parking spot after many years on the road. It was a sight that both pleases and saddens a true VW fans heart. Old scrap busses and Beetles stacked on top of each other. But even though it can make you a bit sad, it's heaven for a man who needs spare parts.When we were finish snooping around at this pile of heap, we returned to the camping site we found in Sweden. Again we were lucky. At this site the little town had a celebration of some sort. And there were a parade with vintage cars. Again the 3 boys of the family were happy and mom did some more reading. In fact she read a couple of books during this vacation. Our vacation finally came to an end, and it was time to find Denmark on the map we started from Håverud at 6 PM. and reached home at 2:45 the following morning.We had driven 2,223 km.The bus had been tested and went through the MOT, the following week and did fine.Next year we will test her again on our trip to Camberg in Germany, and who knows, maybe we'll meet you there.

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