Bad Camberg meeting 2003, and visit in Wolfsburg.

Again four years went and we where of to Bad Camberg, Germany, for the 6th time.
This time I had almost finished my 1950 panel van, and now I could drive it.
It was not 100% ready yet. I still haven’t restored the engine. Therefore I used the engine from my 1953.
It was in the last minute I got it ready, but I managed to drive it 1000km here in Denmark before we left for Bad Camberg. Everything seemed to be OK, so we took of.

We started from our home in Denmark at Wednesday the 18th of June. Already on “Storebæltsbroen” (it is a bridge that connects Zealand to the Mainland) we heard a little protest from the car as it suddenly “jumped” out of the 4th gear. This has not happened before. Of cause I was worried about it but we decided to continue. That was good, because it only happened this one time.
The rest of the day it was mostly driving. Right outside Hamburg we was stock in a queue for 1 hour. Here I heard a strange noise from the transmission when the car was running without me touching the speeder. It probably also make the noise when we was driving, but we couldn't hear anything for all the other noise ;0). Again we decide to go on, and at Dortmund we stopped to spend the night.

The next morning we left Dortmund and drove the 250 km. to Limburg where we had booked a space at the camping site. We arrived at Limburg at 11 o clock and spend the rest of the day walking in the city.

At last Friday arrived and we could now go to Bad Camberg. Even though it was only Friday there was already a lot of cars. The rest of the day went by talking with a lot of people and a photo session with “Hot VW’s “

Saturday came and now it is for real. We arrived at Bad Camberg at 9 am and left again for at photo session with “Ultra VW” from England. It took about an hour and then we could get back to the meet.
I must say I was overwhelmed by the great interest there where for my car and to hear how many who had followed the restoration on my web site.
A couple of hours later the BBT guys arrived. Among them where Julian Hunt who had helped me with spare parts and Rikki James who is an enthusiastic contributor of pictures for my web site. I had been looking forward to meet them again after 4 years. Among the BBT guys there also was other English people and there cars, some of them where Barndoors I had never seen before.
There still came more cars of various shapes and sizes. Very impressive.
A lot of salesmen had come to sell spare parts, but frankly you had to have a big wallet to pay for it, but you could find all the things you wouldn't have thought existed anymore; Bad Camberg is the spare part heaven.
The party Saturday night we skipped and went to the old town in Limburg for dinner instead.

Already Sunday, the last day. Still more talking and looking at cars. Julian and I took my panel van for a drive, and visited Lottemanns shop where we got a small guided tour in the museum in the basement. Also we got the opportunity to get pictures of Lottermanns old 1950 panel van. Fantastic.
The time went rabidly and we went back to the meet just to find that a lot of people already had left. Everybody parted, and now it will be another 4 years to the next Bad Camberg meet.
Thank you very much to the Lottermanns for a terrific meet.!!!!!!!!

Then we got back to Limburg where the fortunately still was a lot of VW people still on the camping site. We stay another day to plan the route we would take on our way home to Denmark. But one thing was certain, we had to go to Wolfsburg to see Autostadt not to mention the panel van chassis no 20-01502.

Monday the 23rd we left Limburg and drove towards Wolfsburg. We went south of the hills of Kassel, but I can tell you that there is still a lot of them down south. The old lady had to work, but she did it even though it took some time. I’m not sure all the other motorist could se the charm of an old panel van from 1950 on the highway. We only drove 250 km. that day.

The next day we arrived in Wolfsburg where we found a space at Allersee Camping. The weather was just like it was in Bad Camberg. Sunny and hot. When the tent was put up we had to go to the museum, of cause, and don’t ask which museum!! And now we could go and se a little of Wolfsburg.
Wednesday is the big day. Now I am going to Autostadt and see the old panel van for the first time.
We walked around for some time and enjoyed the buildings and the area around it, but soon I drag my wife in to the old cars building. We walk around and admire the old cars, but when we came to the place where the old van should be, there was only a drawing on the wall. Can you imagine my disappointment? Now, I was in a bad mood. We went down to find one of the museum employees and to get an explanation. We found one, and I explained that I wasn’t come this far to see Autostadt, but to see this particular car.
The man went to find out where it have gone, and after 5 minutes he came back and told us where to find it. It was on a location for having some photos taken.
The fiasco was turned upside down and now it became a success. When we came to the location, the car was outside, and I now got the opportunity to take some photos inside and outside. Meanwhile an impassion but very kind guard stood beside me to watch that I didn’t nicked the engine. I even was giving permission to drive my own old 50 into the place to get pictures of them together. Absolutely fantastic.
After this we went back to Autostadt to see the rest. And yes, it is a fantastic place to be. We stayed there for the rest of the day and we then decide to stay a few days more in Wolfsburg, just to relax in the perfect weather and go for a swim in Allersee lake just outside the camping site.

Saturday we decided to go home and the same evening at 8 we where home after a perfect trip whit an old lady witch has done a great job. All in all we drove 2059 km.

Once again – thank you very much Lottermann.