Barndoor Registry.
This registry is a combination of 5 barndoor registry:
1: Steve Wood, USA
2: Peter Valentin, Germany
3: Christian Pruvot, France
4: BullyKartei, Germany
5: and my own, Barndoor Registry.

Christian Pruvot, France, started this registry back in the early 90s and it began to be really structured in about 1994.
The registry is now to find on "" because Christian asked me to continue it.
I have taken care of the registry since July 2004.

Until now it contains 1015 Barndoors, and more than 40 known as scrapped. (1000 barndoors in registry December 3 2021)

If you have the time, please look through the registry and se if your barndoor is listed and the information is correct. If you see something wrong or missing, please mail me.
Registry of known barndoors. Last updated: 1-4-2024
Same registry as Excel sheet 149K. Last updated: 19-1-2024
Chassis number list.  
Type numbers.  
Where to find the chassis and body number.  
How to get a birth certificate.  
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