Chassis number 20-01502.
This picture shows actually the same car before restoration. The picture was taken by me at the Bad Camberg meeting 1987. At that time the car was owned by Heinz Willy Lottermann. Note the big changes with the body, such as rear window and vent wing, and much, much more. It looks for me as a 1952 until 1955 van, but inside the engine compartment it was much more like a 1950. I think, and this is only my personal guess, that in the early 50īs this van was a part in an accident, and at that time most of the body was changed. Note that the engine compartment door is the old 1950 type, and as far as I remember the spare tire was placed standing up in the right side. The chassis number was stamped over with big XXXXX. 

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