Details & Changes.

speedo50.jpg (25817 bytes)

speedo52.jpg (27748 bytes)

Speedometer 1950 (left) 1952 (right). The difference between the two of them, is where the odometer is placed.

speedo54.jpg (29252 bytes)

Speedometer 1954 starts at ch. number
20-069409 until 20-117902.
New design and goes to 100 km/h.

Above: Complete instrument with Veigel speedo. This one is owned by Bengt Nyberg from Sweden. It is dated: 8.50 and the part number is:
VDO Speedo Dated 8´50. Part number 29.158.001 VDO Speedo Dated 10´53. Part number 29.158.001
Veigel speedo Date 7´50. Part number 29.158.001 Veigel speedo Date 1 ´51. Part number 29.158.001,1
Note the difference in the Logo. The 50 one have the Veigel logo in the line, and the 51 have it between two lines.